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Digital transformation - do you know where to start?

Several studies by renowned global financial consulting firms point to an undeniable fact for the future of our companies. Those who have the ability to continue innovating and investing in Information Technology will double their growth rate. 

The undeniable importance of IT in various areas that constitute the business structure, from the automation of various production processes to HR management, and especially in customer relationship management.    

Digital Transformation - Don't know where to start?

The event that will mark the future of companies is here and many don't know where to start, follow us along this journey and learn how Digital Transformation applies to your business and ensure that your company is not left out.

01 - What is Digital Transformation?

How digital transformation is affecting the market and how your company can adapt as quickly as possible. 

02 - Digital Evolution.

Brief historical context of the digital transformations that brought us here.

03 - The 4 Pillars of Digital Transformation

People; Processes; Technology; Workplace

04 - The Digital Transformation numbers

What KPIs should we analyze to make the Digital Transformation more effective

05 - Case Studies

Learn about examples of companies that have already made the leap into the future

06 - Industry 4.0

The new revolution created by Digital Transformation

07 - Offer the market exactly what it needs

Use data to your advantage and develop unique skills.

01 - Without a shadow of a doubt, technology has become your company's most powerful ally, promoting changes in all processes. The use of digital channels as the main means of communication and relationship with customers is more linked to the way the company is organized and operates than to the way it communicates.

Today "70% of buyer decision making is done online", going through the stages of research and discovery, recognition of the problem or opportunity, consideration of the solution, and finally the decision to buy. So your digital strategy is more important than ever.

Through technology, the company has direct access to the voice and opinion of the customers, and this must be taken into account when making decisions in all departments of the company.

Even if your company's product is not technology, the entire interaction process, brand recognition and the way you communicate will be judged through technology. All companies should be able to connect with the customer and seek customer satisfaction by implementing software that records and analyzes all interactions.

A CEI Survey study indicates that the main differentiating factor between brands, will be the customer experience. 86% of shoppers will pay more for an improved experience tailored to their needs. 

Digital transformation will move static, slow processes and mainly eliminate the ignorance that companies have of their customers. Your company must be available immediately to be considered a valid option.

If digital was initially part of your company, today digital has to be at the center of everything your company does, and when this happens the transformation process will be unstoppable, because all processes will be centered on constant evolution, focused on the customer and his opinions, this will guarantee the future of your company.

 Did you enjoy this article then don't miss the remaining chapters on Digital Transformation in the coming weeks...

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