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Attention businessmen:

Looking for IT solutions for a more secure and optimized company?

I know how you've been feeling...

Sometimes machines break down, the production chain stops (and you have thousands of euros in losses)

Files and programs are scattered around the company's computers (and all you wanted was to have everything working on a network).

When someone works from home, they don't have access to the files they need (and experience drops in productivity)

You need an invoicing program, another one to manage stocks or transportation guides (but you don't know where to find them).

Your IT company takes weeks to respond (and never solves anything properly)

Now, answer me this question...

This is the pure, hard truth:

In an increasingly technological world, companies that don't embrace digital transformation face a threatened future. want to keep winning; you need a partner to help you cut costs, increase productivity, and make sure your production chain runs non-stop.

If that's the case, you'll want to discover a solution you've never heard of before.

This is the acceleration program [Transform.iT], created by Morebiz - IT business Solutions.

A kind of Kitchen Nightmare, to transform the IT organization of growing companies in no time.

Organize your company's data in a centralized in the cloud, with 100% secure online access

Activate a security system that protects you from the new wave of cyber-attacks that have already affected companies such as TAP, SIC or Expresso

Create backup systems for all company information (example: invoices, which the finances request in audits)

Optimizing the company's computers and machines, so they work faster and without technical failures

Get ready to use the software your company needs to invoice, manage inventory, and create shipping labels

Ensure a bullet-proof company, so you can stop fretting about "little problems" and with "little problems" and can concentrate on making it grow


"We were losing over 800€ per day due to computer problems."

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"I came across Morebiz when we purchased their attendance control software. After a year and a half, we encountered a serious issue with our server and were at risk of losing all of our company's data. We sought their help, and the result is that nowadays, I don't even want to hear about any other IT company. They not only anticipate the future but also have the ability to create it in their own way."



Customized solutions implementation consulting service.

Readiness in reactive assistance for urgent problem solving, even after hours.

Reorganization of the entire IT infrastructure aimed at improving efficiency and organization.

Implementation of cutting-edge security solutions to mitigate cyberattack risks.


They also chose Morebiz to help with their digital transformation

These are the doubts of someone who is looking for an IT partner.

Comprehensive and automated backup is always the first line of defense.

Antivirus is just one of several layers of defense needed to achieve a minimally resilient security index.

Through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to your IT infrastructure. This should be done through an encrypted tunnel.

By implementing a perimeter defense networking device that filters internet traffic before it reaches the users, you can ensure restricted and organized access to information within your company.

By implementing a domain controller server, you can provide conditional and differentiated access according to the criteria defined by management, ensuring restricted and organized access to information within your company.

You can do this in two ways: through a collaborative cloud, such as Microsoft Sharepoint, or through a secure VPN connection to the company's datacenter.

Morebiz has a permanent picket service that can operate 24/7 and immediate response times.


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