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How does the digital transformation of a company take place?

Cloud, Computer Networks or Data Security: Find out how to implement

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Have you ever felt that?

My company wastes entire days due to technological errors that cost me thousands of euros."

"My company's data is spread across several computers, and when one breaks down... There are no backups of anything!"

"My IT partner is unfriendly, takes 3 days to get back to me and never knows how to solve my problems."

"Whenever I hire an IT company I pay for support hours that are never spent. I'm getting ripped off!"

Are you one of the entrepreneurs without an answer to this question?

It's time to change the chip

We will explain how top managers use IT to cut costs, double productivity, and have absolute control over everything that goes on in the company (even remotely)

Learn how to improve the time it takes to get assistance by +10x

Learn how to protect your data from accidents, theft or cyber-attacks

Make sure the machines are working and not always breaking down

Discover software to optimize processes and double productivity

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"We were losing more than 800€ per day due to computer problems".

I was spending per day


whenever the company stopped

I came across Morebiz when we purchased their invoicing software. After a year and a half, we experienced a serious issue with our server and were at risk of losing all company data.

We asked for their help. And the result is that nowadays, I don't even want to hear about any other IT company. They don't predict the future. But in their own way, they can create it.

Socorsul Lda.

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In two words: accuracy and professionalism. Morebiz is a company we can rely on. They helped us find IT solutions to streamline accounting and client management. And during the pandemic, they ensured flawless remote work. My company has been in the market for 23 years, and today, with much more strength (not only but also) thanks to Nuno and his team!


  • Systems crashed and working mornings and afternoons were lost
  • I had an IT partner, but... In the end, I had to hire an in-house IT specialist!
  • I lived in great fear of the lack of computer security and cybercrime


  • If we have a problem this week, we were already prepared for it six months ago
  • The company produces at full speed: there are no days lost and no losses because we are forced to stop activity
  • My time is spent on my duties and not playing computer science: that's Morebiz's business, and I'm not worried!

Orlando Carvalho,


Morebiz is the right partner for any small or medium-sized business. They are easy to deal with, and they are the fastest IT partner I have ever seen in terms of response time.
We are located in Cascais, where there are hundreds (if not thousands) of IT companies, both here and in Lisbon, yet we had to go to Lourinhã to hire our IT partner. That speaks volumes about the quality of Morebiz!


  • The IT company we hired took forever to respond
  • We paid and nothing: there were never solutions for absolutely nothing
  • We had outdated equipment and a problem occurred with the server that stores the company's data... Panic, of course! 


  • Now we have a maintenance plan with monthly visits: problems do not happen because they are detected before
  • I never call cousins or friends to find out how to mess with programs anymore. I know who to call when I need to, and I know I'll get an answer.
  • No more productivity losses due to malfunctioning machines or systems

Alexandre Carneiro,


This is all you will get with morebiz

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Frequently Asked Questions

Comprehensive and automated backup is always the first line of defense.

Antivirus is just one of several layers of defense needed to achieve a minimally resilient security index.

Through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to your IT infrastructure. This should be done through an encrypted tunnel.

By implementing a perimeter defense networking device that filters internet traffic before it reaches the users, you can ensure restricted and organized access to information within your company.

By implementing a domain controller server, you can provide conditional and differentiated access according to the criteria defined by management, ensuring restricted and organized access to information within your company.

You can do this in two ways: through a collaborative cloud, such as Microsoft Sharepoint, or through a secure VPN connection to the company's datacenter.

Morebiz has a permanent picket service that can operate 24/7 and immediate response times.

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