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Cyber-Resilience: why is it critical for your company?

Cyber-resilience: what is it?

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To enhance cyber resilience and protect your IT infrastructure, it is vital to have an advanced security strategy that incorporates layered defense measures. Hackers often employ evasive tactics or brute force techniques to infiltrate and steal sensitive information from companies, highlighting the need for multiple layers of defense that enable the anticipation or mitigation of such attacks. By implementing a multi-layered defense approach, organizations can proactively safeguard their systems, detect potential threats early, and effectively respond to and mitigate cyber attacks, ensuring the security of their valuable data and assets. 

The first layer to take into account and which must be strengthened and improved is the perimeter defense.

Cybercriminals employ evasive tactics to bypass enterprise firewalls and antivirus systems. Attacks such as file-based, file-less, obfuscated, and encryption script attacks often penetrate simple security barriers that lack the ability to combat multi-vector attacks. Only a resilient Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution that combines various services such as email protection with spam prevention, intrusion prevention, URL filtering, antivirus gateway, complete network visibility, reputation-based attack prevention, application control, along with features like APT blocker, threat detection and response, data loss prevention, virtual intelligence-based antivirus, DNS watch, and access portals, such as WatchGuard's UTMs with Total Security Suite, can elevate perimeter defense to effectively counter increasingly persistent attacks carried out by well-equipped criminal organizations using the latest cyber tools.

The second layer of protection should involve implementing a backup routine with guaranteed disaster recovery and business continuity. In the event that all other options fail, this information becomes crucial in mitigating the effects of an attack. It is of utmost importance to maintain an automated backup routine that is resilient against human error and has appropriate retention based on your business activity. Solutions from our partners, such as StorageCraft or Veeam, ensure global backups of virtual, physical, or cloud systems with the ability for both global and granular restoration in the shortest possible time, so that your business does not suffer the effects of a forced and prolonged shutdown.

Strengthen the most important security layer in your company - your employees.

Phishing remains the primary vector for malware distribution, especially through social engineering techniques that take advantage of information shared on social networks. This allows attackers to craft targeted attacks with detailed information in order to deceive recipients into installing malicious code. Not all companies are educating their workforce about these suspicious activities, making employees the weakest link in the security chain. WatchGuard's DNSWatch solution helps identify phishing attempts and redirects users to an interactive video that teaches them how to avoid these attacks and the correct actions to report theft attempts.

These are some of the steps you can take to enhance the cyber resilience of your company. Don't leave your company vulnerable to criminal networks, and avoid becoming part of the latest statistics that show a six-fold increase in financial losses due to cyber attacks compared to the previous year, reaching record levels of 1.8 billion euros.

Request an IT audit from us and find out in detail the state of your security and the level of resilience to cyber attacks.

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